A Building Completion Audit (also known as Technical Audit or Handover Audit) is a RERA mandated requirement for Jointly-Owned Properties (JOP). The Audit consists of a general building inspection to identify any significant defects and a review of building documentation. The Audit comprises of five main areas of investigation. This will include;

1. Property Condition

A common area survey of the building where all circulation spaces, roof spaces, plant rooms, leisure facilities, parking areas etc. are inspected by chartered building surveyors and chartered engineers.

2. Operation and Maintenance Manuals

A document review; checking the availability, completeness and quality for the documents to ensure optimum performance and operation of the property.

3. Statutory, Legal and Insurances

A document review ensuring the building meets all statutory and legal requirements and is suitable insurance for a property of its type and usage.

4. Preparation for Owners Association

An investigation to ensure that the developer is preparing the property for the enactments of an owners association including documentation and actions required for this process.

5 .Financial Matters

An investigation to ensure that the developer has made the appropriate steps to ensure the properties financial matters are in order and that there is no liability on the property.

In short, the Building Completion Audit provides the Owners and Management Company with the mechanism to take possession of the property with the knowledge that it is free from defects and liabilities and is safe to own and operate. Our Chartered Building Surveyors and Engineers have provided this service to all major developers and Owners Associations within Dubai and have the knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible service.